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Red and gray tile roofs on two neighboring houses.
Understanding Roof Pitch (And What It Means for Your Roof)Roof pitches aren't chosen strictly for aesthetic purposes. Contractors utilize different angles for distinct goals.Read
Best Shingles for Every Roof Type hero.jpg
Best Shingles for Every Roof TypeThe best roofing material should be durable and budget-friendly. Here’s the best shingle options for residential and commercial properties.Read
Rolls of roofing materials.
Recovery Options for Flat or Low-Slope RoofsArizona roofs take a beating when it comes to sun and weather damage. Here’s how to determine if your flat or low-slope roof needs a recover. Read
Roof Replacement or Repair? Here’s How to DecideRoof repair and replacement are large home improvement projects. You must carefully consider the decision-making process.Read
Image of roofers placing new shingles on a home's roof.
How to Prepare for a Roof ReplacementReplacing your entire roof can be intimidating, but with just a little preparation, it can be a smooth, simple process. Read
A roofer measuring a tiled roof.
Calculating the Size of Your RoofThe first step to replacing your roof is figuring out the size of it to determine how much material you’ll need. Here’s how to calculate your roof square footage. Read
Broken tiles at the edge of a roof.
Making an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage: Your Step-By-Step GuideIf you're wondering how to get your insurance company to pay for roof replacement or damage, check out our step-by-step guide for filing an insurance claim. Read