Up to 10% OFF Full Install or Free Warranty Upgrade*

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Up to 10% OFF Full Install or Free Warranty Upgrade*

Ask Us About Our Financing Options**

Residential Roofing Services

At Legacy Roofing, our expert residential roofing contractors are ready to assist when you need to repair, replace, or install your roof.  5 star rated Legacy Roofing has been the top residential roofing company throughout Northern Arizona since 2009.

Whether you’re re-roofing your home or building a new residence, the roofing contractor you hire for your project should understand the value of the investment your home represents.

After all, every roof is different and every roof requires an individual approach. Your decision to work with Legacy Roofing and put your trust in our name is something we take very seriously. We’re building a Legacy in Arizona, one roof at a time.

Residential Roofing Styles

Legacy Roofing is your #1 choice in Northern Arizona when it comes to ensuring the structural integrity, safety, and reliability of your roof. Whether you have concerns about an old roof or are looking to upgrade to a new roof, we have the right roofing contractors to estimate and produce quality work.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The most common roof covering in Arizona, asphalt shingles come in many styles, including budget-friendly three-tab shingles. Higher-end options include architectural shingles, impact-resistant specialty shingles, and designer shingles. The asphalt shingle products we install are long-lasting and offer a perfect blend of quality and value.

We also fix shingle roofs. You can call Legacy Roofing whether just a few shingles need to be replaced or patched or larger sections of your roof need repairs. Various products and warranties are available; we can weigh every factor to match your preferences and find the best solution for your home. Learn more about Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing

Clay and concrete tile roofs are found all over the Southwest. Lasting from 50 to 100 years, they have an intrinsic beauty that can be enhanced by choosing a specific size, shape, and color. We install tiles from various suppliers and manufacturers. They are resistant to UV and sun exposure and are installed atop an underlayment that protects against moisture.

Our experienced tradesmen install, service, and repair Santa Fe, Blended, Weaved, and Three Piece style tiles. They can reach your home quickly if you have a roof leak or storm damage. Your roof is the first line of defense in keeping your home dry. We’ll quickly fix any problem. Also, our expert roofers provide inspections to ensure your roof is in top shape. Learn more about Tile Roofing

Wood Shake Roofing

Wood Shake Roofing

Wood roofs have a unique aesthetic appeal. At Legacy Roofing, we install, repair, and service wood shingles and wood shakes made of cedar, spruce, pine, or redwood. When properly installed and maintained, these can last as long as asphalt shingles. Our wood roofing systems are strong and durable.

We know wood options can be more costly, both regarding installation and home insurance. Nonetheless, we can help mitigate fire risks and find hybrid products mixed with other materials. Our team makes recommendations based on the style of your home, its environment, and your overall needs. We also provide a wide range of standard options, including California Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Atlantic White Cedar, and European Pine. Learn more about Wood Shake Roofing

Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing

While flat roofing is often the choice for commercial structures, it can also be used for residential homes. We install TPO Single-Ply roofing, which is cost-effective and resistant to extreme weather. From exploring your flat roofing system options to reviewing the benefits and maintenance requirements to providing a precise estimate, we’ll help with every step.

Some of the highest-quality flat roofing systems come from manufacturers like GAF, Firestone, Carlisle, JM, and Mule-Hide. Each uses exceptionally durable materials. We also use the latest installation methods to save time. Depending on the solution, we can use peel-and-stick rolled roofing or Modified Bitumen, which is a heat-applied roofing material. Learn more about Flat Roofing

Northern Arizona Residential Roofing Services

Roof Inspection

Do you have concerns about the roof of your home? Legacy Roofing inspection services ensure that your roof has maintained good structural integrity. If issues are found, Legacy will present a course of action to address issues. 

Roofing Repairs

We offer some of the best roofers in the area who specialize in repairing shingles, metal roofs, wood shakes, and all other types of roofing materials. We offer services at fair price points to make them accessible to all residents in Northern Arizona. Get in touch with our local roofers for help with repairing these issues: 

  • Leak Repair
  • Shingle Replacement
  • Flashing Repair and Replacement
  • Gutter Repair
  • Soffit and Fascia Repair
  • Ridge Cap Repair
  • Skylight Repair
  • Ventilation Repair
  • Roof Deck Repair
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Flat Roof Repair
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Roof Coating Repairs
  • Emergency Repairs 

Roof Replacements 

Sometimes, an old roof needs replacement; if this is the case for you, the right roofing contractor for the job is Legacy Roofing! Nobody is better at providing a roof replacement than our experts. From the old roof removal to the installation, clean up, and final inspection of a replacement roof,  our team of contractors will work to ensure a job well done.

New Roof Installation

Legacy Roofing provides top services for new roof installations on any new construction project. Our team offers the most reasonable labor costs in the area, allowing you to complete your construction project with great success and peace of mind. We do not skip corners at Legacy Roofing! We serve many regions throughout Northern Arizona, including Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Williams, and many more!

Legacy Roofing Can Meet All Your Residential Roofing Needs

As a leader in Arizona’s roofing industry, Legacy Roofing is trusted for residential roof installation, repair, and service. Our experienced tradesmen can work with any manufacturer’s product. They also help pick the best roofing solution for your home that’s guaranteed to withstand extreme weather and last for many decades.

To learn more or get a free estimate, contact us on the web or call:

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